Application of antifouling paint is the most frequent painting job carried out by boatowners and one of the most important.

At Gloss Boats Marine Spraying we can prepare your hull and apply antifoul, we also have the knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate product for your vessel.

Once fouling has established a foothold on your boat’s hull it will rapidly colonise the surface, causing increased fuel consumption, reduced cruising speeds, and other problems. Prevention of this is much preferable to the cure, which involves removal of the fouling by scraping.

There are numerous key reasons to keep your hull free from fouling:

  • Safety – Heavy fouling growth reduces responsiveness of the craft. The added weight of the fouling can make the boat sit lower in the water than intended. This can have obvious implications in heavy weather conditions.
  • Protection – Prolonged growth of certain types of fouling can damage the substrate of the hull. For example, the natural glues used to attach organisms to the hull can damage wood and fibreglass. Fouling can also clog water intakes and cause damage to the engines.
  • Speed and efficiency – Fouling causes drag. Increased drag means increased fuel consumption – speed may be reduced to the point where a planing hulled vessel cannot get onto plane. For racing boats, this can be the difference between winning and losing a race.

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