Full Repaints

Here at Gloss Boats Marine Spraying, we see paint as more than simply providing an enhanced cosmetic finish for your boat. Paint provides a protective barrier against the elements that will attack the surface over the seasons – sun, sea, wind, and rain.

Moisture can cause as many problems for wooden vessels as it can for metal ones. Harmful UV rays in sunlight will degrade the gelcoat of fibreglass as well as prematurely age wood fibres. Protecting the substrate of the boat from these conditions will extend the life of the vessel.

There is an extensive range of paints available that meet the needs of all the different substrates and the varying requirements of individual boat owners. Gloss Boats has the expertise to help you choose the most appropriate products.

We must also stress the importance of good and thorough preparation. Poor preparation always shows through in the final coat, reducing the effectiveness of the coating system. This has the potential to lead to the premature failure and separation of the coating from the substrate.

Whatever your boat’s construction or size, we have the knowledge and experience to do the job to the very highest standards.

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